Newman’s Own Coffee

Newman’s Own coffee is one of the many products from Paul Newman’s food company, Newman’s Own. Although this coffee bears the Newman name, it is actually produced by Green Mountain Coffee via a partnership between the two companies. In keeping with the tradition of selling high-quality, healthful foods, Newman’s Own coffee is certified organic as well as certified fair trade. Also, Arabica coffee beans are used in all of Newman’s Own organic coffee roasts.

One unique aspect of the Newman’s Own coffee line is that they offer two flavored coffees, which is not common for organic coffee. The Café Almond Biscotti coffee features a hint of almond flavor, and Vanilla Caramel is naturally sweetened and does not include added sugars or sweeteners to enhance flavor; the flavor of the coffee is natural and delicious.

There are several other Newman’s Own roasts that are not flavored but still feature high-quality organic coffee. Two lighter blends are Nell’s Breakfast Blend and Colombian Especial. Both blends feature coffee from both light and medium roasts. Newman’s French Roast is a dark roast comprised of Indonesian coffee beans. Fans of Newman’s French Roast appreciate the chocolate and caramel flavors present in it. Newman’s Special Blend is created by blending medium and dark roasts. Those who enjoy drinking Newman’s Special Blend have noted how smooth this particular blend is. Newman’s Special Blend is sold in regular packages as well as in K-cups. In addition to the caffeinated version of this blend, a decaf version of Newman’s Special Blend is also available in standard packages and in packs of K-cups.

Drinking Newman’s Own organic coffee is a great way to enjoy quality coffee as well as support the hard-working small-scale coffee growers in overseas countries by purchasing coffee that was fairly traded with international coffee farmers.


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