Miscela d’Oro Coffee Beans

Miscela d’Oro coffee beans have continued the tradition of roasting high quality coffee beans since 1946, when the company was founded in Messina, Italy.  At that time, Miscela d’Oro focused on creating artisan coffee roast.  In the 1970s and 1980s, expansion was necessary because the company started focusing on distributing their products in supermarkets.  Today, there are several product lines that make up the Miscela d’Oro family of coffee beans.

Miscela d’Oro offers coffee beans for sale that cater to a variety of individual tastes and needs and are produced with fine Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from various locations in Central America, Asia, Africa, and South America.  Grand’Aroma is a medium roast coffee, as is Gran Crema; Gran Crema produces thicker crema than Grand’Aroma, however.  Gusto Classico is also a medium roast, but is very strong, in the tradition of Italian coffee roasts.  It also produces thick crema.  Espresso Decaffeinato will make smooth crema, and it is a darker roast that Miscela d’Oro produces.  All these coffees except for Gusto Classico are sold only as whole bean coffee.

Gusto Ricco and Gusto Classico are medium roasts that are sold pre-ground and are great choices for drip or filter coffee machines.  Gusto Espresso is made expressly for electric espresso makers and is also a medium roast.  Miscela d’Oro also has a line of 100% Arabica coffees.  Generally, coffees that contain 100% Arabica coffee beans are known as being the highest quality coffees because Arabica beans are considered better quality and better tasting than Robusta beans.  The two 100% Arabica coffee roasts produced by Miscela d’Oro are Filtoro and Filtrodec, a decaffeinated version of Filtroro.  Both these offerings are medium roasts and sold both whole bean and ground.

Not only is Miscela d’Oro coffee sold ground and whole bean, but it is also manufactured in espresso pods, which are small pods filled with premeasured amounts of epresso grounds that are meant for usage in ESE (easy serving espresso) compatible espresso machines.  These pods are available in a medium espresso roast and also a decaffeinated espresso roast.  One unique feature of Miscela d’Oro espresso pods is that they are available in two sizes, single (7 grams) and double (13 grams), so if you like brewing a larger amount of espresso at one time, the double pods will contain enough grounds to do so.

Miscela d’Oro coffee beans are one of Italy’s premiere coffee brands, and with the variety of roasts and packaging types, it’s no wonder it has become a popular brand worldwide.


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