Lavazza Espresso Machines: Lavazza BLUE

Lavazza espresso machines are leading the way in modern coffee consumption. Traditional coffee pots that make a large quantity of coffee at one time have long been a large part of the coffee equipment realm, both at home and in the workplace. However, there are many occasions in which this method of making coffee is not practical or appropriate. At home, you may want to brew only one or two cups of coffee at one time, and the pain of preparing such a little amount of coffee in a pot and then having to clean many different pieces of equipment makes the task of brewing coffee almost not worth the enjoyment of drinking some java! In the workplace, people now have many different taste and roast preferences when it comes to coffee that an old-style machine simply cannot accommodate; also, the rise in trendy coffee shops has made drinking espresso at work a habitual task. Moreover, nothing is worse than drinking coffee that was brewed hours ago and has been sitting on a hot plate. The Lavazza company has solved all these problems with their Lavazza BLUE machines. BLUE is actually an acronym for Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso. Once you try using one of the machines, you’ll see that it easily lives up to its name.

A Lavazza espresso machine such as the Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine allows its users to create a single portion of coffee or espresso by employing Lavazza espresso pods – small capsules that hold enough grounds for one serving. These pods are individually sealed in order to preserve flavor and guarantee the freshest coffee possible. Operating a Lavazza BLUE espresso machine is quite easy. Just place a pod in the designated holder, place your coffee cup on a small platform, and turn the handle. Your drink will start dispensing in a matter of seconds. A water tank allows you to fill the machine with water only sporadically. When your drink has brewed, you don’t have to worry about any excessive cleanup; the used pods will drop into a container that stores used capsules. If you have non-coffee drinkers in your office, Lavazza BLUE machines can easily adapt to these tastes; in addition to coffee capsules, Lavazza also makes pods that contain tea.

There are many different Lavazza BLUE models to suit a number of needs. The best machines for at-home use are LB 1000 and LB 800. These are small, easy-to-use machines that are built to accommodate light home use. The LB 800 has the same basic features as the LB 1000 but is more compact, so it is a great machine for small spaces. A common, suitable option for offices is the LB 2000. It is a little larger than the home models, but it can still easily sit on a countertop in a break room or other area. The digital display and simple-to-operate buttons allow you to select your favorite type of Lavazza coffee or espresso within seconds. Model LB 2200 is identical to the LB 2000 but includes a steam pipe. If your office is quite large or you need an automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine for a public place such as a waiting room, there are several Lavazza BLUE models built specifically for these arenas. The Kikko, Zenith, Astro, and Colibri are large machines that look similar to vending machines and are perfect for high volumes of coffee drinkers.

If your home or office hasn’t switched to Lavazza espresso machines such as the Lavazza BLUE, now is a great time to consider a change. With easy operation and the ability to cater
to many different tastes, Lavazza machines are a perfect solution for these types of spaces.


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