Illy Espresso Cups and Cappuccino Cups

Naturally, illy espresso can be enjoyed in any type of espresso or coffee cup, but drinking it from illy cups is a great way to give your coffee an extra special touch. Illy espresso cups can also make beautiful d├ęcor for any coffee fanatic’s kitchen. Matteo Thun created the design of the illy cup and saucer; this simple yet sophisticated design is striking when baring only the illy logo on the side, but is beautiful when covered with artwork as well.

The most unique and revered of illy’s china cups are the decorated cups that are released in limited amounts approximately twice every year. Ever since the first round of collector’s cups was created in 1992, these one of a kind cups have become a coveted item for illy fans, coffee connoisseurs, and modern art aficionados alike. Each edition of collector cups features artwork by a talent in the world of modern art. Past illy espresso cup artists have included Joseph Kosuth, James Rosenquist, and Sandro Chia. Cups have also featured designs from other types of artists, such as legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Since each collection of illy cups features limited edition design, each cup is signed and numbered, making them highly sought after collector’s items.

The designs feature on each set of illy cappuccino cups and espresso cups are as varied as the artists who have contributed their work to this special product. Past designs have featured themes related to nature, pop culture, and Italian culture. The most recent set of cups are graced with the artwork of William Kentridge. This cup and saucer set features artwork on the saucers; the cups have mirrors on them to create an anamorphic image when set atop the saucer.

Illy espresso cups and cappuccino cups are sold in sets of either two or six cups and saucers. The most current design, available for sale on illy’s website, can be purchased for approximately $200. If you are eager to enjoy Matteo Thun’s cup and saucer design without plunking down hundreds of dollars for a collector’s set, illy also sells simple white cups with illy’s red and white logo emblazoned on the side. This design is sold in espresso and cappuccino sizes (as a set of six cups and saucers) as well as in a set of two larger-sized coffee mugs.


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