How to Operate a Lavazza Espresso Machine: Lavazza BLUE LB 1000

Below is an instructional video illustrating how to operate a Lavazza espresso machine. There are several different models of Lavazza machines; this video shows how to use a Lavazza BLUE LB 1000. As you can see from watching the short clip, operating a Lavazza BLUE is very simple and it is not complicated to learn the hang of it. At the top of the machine is a chamber where the Lavazza espresso pod is inserted. A platform is on the front of the machine that fits a standard sized coffee cup. After the espresso pod and cup are in place, simply turn a switch and your drink will brew nearly instantly. When your espresso has dispensed, flip the switch back to its starting position and your drink is ready for you to enjoy! Lavazza espresso machines are a great way to easily produce great-tasting single servings of your favorite Lavazza coffee or espresso.


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