Eight O Clock Coffee Beans

Eight O Clock Coffee has built a reputation of quality since 1859. Today, more Eight O Clock bean coffee is sold in the United States than any other brand of whole bean coffee. It is sold in grocery stores and other retail establishments all across the United States, boasting a large collection of roasts and flavors, and offering a rewards club for faithful drinkers.

One of the best features of the Eight O Clock coffee line is that it has a lot of breadth, so there is definitely a flavor or roast for everybody. Also, many of the roasts are sold in a variety of sizes, as well as whole bean or ground, to suit the specific needs of coffee drinkers. Probably the most popular or well-known roast of Eight O Clock coffee is the original roast. It is a medium roast and is sold as whole bean or ground coffee in 12, 36, and 42 ounce bags. A great option if you like making espresso is the Bokar roast. Bokar is a combination of Bogota and Cartagena, two Colombian locations known for excellence in coffee growing. This dark roast is sold in whole bean format in 12 or 36 ounce bags. Other Eight O Clock roasts include French roast, 100% Colombian roast, and dark Italian roast.

For those who prefer decaffeinated coffee, Eight O Clock produces three decaf roasts. Both the original and 100% Colombian roasts are available in decaf. Also, there is a 50% decaf blend, which is made of half decaf and half regular coffee.

Flavored coffees comprise Eight O Clock’s family of roasts as well. Included are mocha (which is made with gourmet cocoa), French vanilla, and hazelnut. All of Eight O Clock’s coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, so you know every cup will be decadent.

As a thank you to its customers, Eight O Clock coffee offers a rewards club they refer to as Accumul8 Rewards. Earning rewards is quite simple. Consumers are asked to register at the Eight O Clock website, where they enter codes found on packages of coffee in order to earn points. Once a certain number of points have been accumulated, they may be traded in for merchandise, such as magazine subscriptions, gift cards, or free coffee. The number of points you earn from each bag purchased depends on the size of the package. Each 11.5 or 12 ounce bag earns 140 points, while larger sized bags (34.5, 36, and 42 ounces) earn 420 points.

With its vast product line and quality Arabica roasts, it is no wonder that Eight O Clock coffee is a popular choice among American coffee drinkers.


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